About Us

Ever since Fondazione FareWelfare has started to support the Dalit NGO, every year Lino and Silvia come to Italy to tell us in person how the projects are carried out and telling us what the current situation of life in Bangladesh is. These moments, intense and full of emotion, allow us to bring our lives closer to those of our Bengali friends. Just through one of these meetings, Luca, a friend of ours and a supporter of the Dalit project, got to know Silvia. Hearing the stories related to vocational training projects, he was born the idea to help the Dalit NGO through a passion that he carries on with a group of Tuscan friends. Luca, passionate about nature and good food, every year he goes to Tuscany with a group of friends for the olive harvest, which through a farm created by them, are then processed to produce extra virgin olive oil. Luca and his friends, impressed by the life stories told by Lino and Silvia, decided to help the NGO Dalit by donating part of the proceeds from the sale of the oil. They did not stop here, however, they decided to have the girls helped by the Dalit NGO of jute bags, using them as a container for oil bottles. The idea of ​​using jute handbags allowed to give employment to the girls who follow the professional training courses at the Dalit schools, thus giving them the opportunity to work and get a salary for their livelihood.

For those wishing to learn more about Luca and his friends, you can find them on Facebook at the page "The Perfume of the Earth SS Agricola - Fam. Garbelli"

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